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Clear Start Post-Breakout Fix Dermalogica

Introducing Dermalogica’s Clear Start Post-Breakout Fix: The Overachieving Dark Spot Eraser

Breakouts happen, but they don’t have to linger. Clear Start’s new spot treatment helps accelerate post-breakout recovery. This is your reminder to not pop your pimples… BUT we get it — sometimes you can’t help it. That’s why we created Post-Breakout Fix, a gel cream spot treatment that fades post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (aka red and dark …

Nutritive Launch Nutritive Replenishing Creams Sothys Ultra-Lipid SOS Serum

Sothys Nutritive Launch

ULTRA-LIPID SOS SERUM RRP €62.00 This nourishing SOS treatment oil, with a dry texture, has been formulated to immediately sooth feelings of discomfort and restore balance to the skin’s ecosystem. The skin quickly becomes more comfortable and appears soothed. PRODUCT BENEFIT:  Also ideal for nourishing the nail contour. KEY ACTIONS AND ACTIVE INGREDIENTS REBUILD the …

Debunking myths on beauty and skincare with Dr. Emma
Dr Emma Dr Emma Clinics Skin Health

Debunking myths on beauty and skincare with Dr. Emma

Nowadays, in this ever-increasing skin care Labyrinth, it is difficult for people to distinguish between a genuinely effective product and a recommendation, or one which has benefitted from great, yet misleading marketing. So, Dr. Emma is here to debunk those myths… The SPF present in foundations and moisturisers is enough. There is not enough SPF in these to …

Ask the expert with Skin Specialist, Andrea Farrelly-beautifuljobs
Andrea Farrelly RVR90 Campaign Ultraceuticals

Ask the expert with Skin Specialist, Andrea Farrelly

Australian Cosmeceutical brand Ultraceuticals announced their 2021 Irish award winners for the RVR90 campaign. RVR90 is an abbreviation for Real Visible Results in 90 days. Ultraceuticals clinics around Ireland entered this special skin challenge which showcased their client’s transformational before and after images within 90 days. Dr Heber and his expert panel reviewed an impressive …