This week the BeautifulJobs team spoke to Kathy Wilcox who is a beauty consultant and trainer at Skinfill Affairs. Kathy shared with us her career progression in the beauty industry, her management style, and what a typical day is. 

kat pic for blog Describe to us your current job role and your typical day?
At the moment, I am working with a new business called Skinfull Affairs. They opened in December of last year, and asked me to come in as a beauty consultant and trainer for their staff. I helped them with the beauty side of the business, what equipment they would need, and what treatments they could offer. 
I also gave advice on how things should operate as a salon. My day is never typical! I  always have something new or different to do, whether its training staff in a new treatment or helping with promotions and events.

How have you progressed your career to get to management level? I started like everyone else in beauty and worked my way up! I was lucky enough to live in Australia for 6 years, and I gained a lot of knowledge and experience there. I made sure to upskill myself as much as possible along the way. I enrolled in many different courses (some not beauty related). I studied everything I possibly could from Train the Trainer, Payroll and Management, Paramedical Skin Therapy to DISC training. I particularly found the DISC interesting as it helps you understand the different personality traits of others. This is especially useful when dealing with customers in retail situations. I now train staff in DISC, and they find it extremely helpful in improving their retail sales and customer retention. Some days are hard like it is for everyone, but I love training staff and watching amazing therapists grow because of something I showed them.                                                                                                                                               What’s your management style? I am pretty strict in my management style. I am very conscious of hygiene in any salon or store I work with. For me, this is an essential component in any good salon. I have worked with some of the best beauty therapists in Ireland and Australia, and I have learned from the best. I have tried to take a little bigtof everything I was shown and make my own style. I always try to remember where I started and encourage young therapists. If I am looking after rosters, I try to be fair with time off. I try to allow one Saturday a month off for everyone. I know what it is like to work every weekend, and I think everyone should have some down time.

What do you love about your job? I love working with different businesses and meeting different therapists. I learn a lot from them. I also love organising events and coming up with great promotional ideas to benefit an individual salon.                                                                                                                             

Who has influenced you in your career life? I have worked with many amazing women in my career, but my biggest influencer In all aspects of my life, work, or otherwise would have to be my mum. She has taught me so much and encouraged me all the way! It was her who enrolled me in beauty college all those years ago and has pushed me to educate myself every since. 

Are there any challenges? Everyday is a challenge, not always in a bad way. 

What is your top selling product & why? My favourite product at the moment would have to be from the Yon-Ka Skincare range. I absolutely love their products. I love, love, love the PHTYO 52 cream. I am hooked! It is great for sluggish skin and anyone who needs a pick me up!

What do you do when you are not working? When I am not working I try to enjoy time my partner. We usually go for dinner and a drink or relax at home. He works a hectic job and we like to relax when we get to see each other. If don’t see him I catch up with friends as much as possible. I think that is very important. 

Where do you think you will be in 10 years time? It’s hard to say! I could be back in Australia, still working in Ireland, or I could be somewhere completely different! I try not to think too far ahead and just enjoy what I have right now. The world is my oyster!