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This new wave in beauty doesn’t play by the rules—it invents them. Beauty is all about the “buzz.” The latest techniques, the latest products, the latest gadgets to deliver the skin of your dreams—the list goes on and on. Hyped or not, what’s always at the forefront of all that beauty innovation is science. The …

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Codex Beauty Codex Beauty Labs Exceptional Skincare

Codex Beauty Labs launch Antü Collection

Protective, Reparative Skincare Products Made with Ingredients Sourced from Patagonia Codex Beauty Labs, the plant-based biotech beauty brand, is kicking off 2021 with its second collection of solution- oriented products – Antü, launching February 2021. Following on from the much-loved Bia Collection, this latest collection protects the skin’s barrier against reactive oxidative stress with ingredients …

Codex Beauty

Calm & Glowing Skin with Codex Beauty

Work with your skin, not against it, to keep it soft and glowing this New Year. Dry skin in winter seems to be unavoidable, especially if you already have a sensitive complexion. As we know, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis tend to flare-up in the colder months, when humidity levels and temperatures plummet, which can bring on red, flaky patches all over. Surviving the season …

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