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DMK’s latest launch, Aminodine!
Aminodine DMK DMK Skincare New Launch

Tackle Glycation With DMK’s Aminodine!

DMK’s latest launch, Aminodine! DMK’s “golden water” Aminodine is an age management formulation that contains natural extracts that could help revive mature, middle-aged, and sun-damaged skins. A refreshing hydrating spray that soaks into the skin helping to reactivate glucose and normalizing the free radical effect of glycation (reduces the ability of collagen fibre to regenerate …

DMK’s latest launch, ThermaWave
DMK DMK Skincare ThermaWave

DMK’s latest launch, Thermawave!

A multifunctional Age Management device, ThermaWave offers Microcurrent Cellular Stimulation which “works out” muscles in the face. By using low levels of electricity to stimulate the muscles, collagen and elastin in the face, this device acts as a natural and non-invasive face-lift. The sonic vibrations accelerate absorption of DMK products, which increases circulation, hydration and …

DMK Pro Amino Cream
DMK DMK Skincare

New Packaging & Improved Formula!

DMK’s Pro Amino Cream now has an improved formula and has now been updated to include a natural microbiome-friendly blend. Its packaging has also been upgraded from a jar into DMK’s airless pump bottles! This cream is designed for a neutral, youthful skin and has many beneficial vitamins and nutrients to maintain and to keep …