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RVR90 Campaign

Transform your Skin in 90 days with Ultraceuticals Skincare. See the results here!

Renaissance Products Ltd celebrated their first year as the Irish distributor for the Ultraceuticals professional skincare brand on the 28th of September. Ultraceuticals is an Australian cosmeceutical skincare brand with a strong focus on delivering real visible results. We spoke to Michelle Macken the National Educator for Ultraceuticals to find out more about RVR90. ‘Our …



Australian formulated and owned, Ultraceuticals is an amazing skincare brand that is renowned for its multi award winning RVR90 programme which delivers discernible results within just 90 days to reveal clear, firm looking, glowing beautiful skin. Ultraceuticals is well known for its before and after images showcasing their effective skin transformations. In-house panel testing is …

Daily Moisturiser Skin Health Ultraceuticals

Give Your Skin A Resurgence Of Collagen And Hydration With Ultra Moisturisers

Our skin is often compromised when it does not have adequate hydration and having drier skin can accentuate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Make sure to rejuvenate your skin this Winter with Ultra moisturiser. These are biomimetic moisturisers that contain ingredients that mimic the components of the skin to ensure optimum hydration. Ultra-Moisturiser …

Ultraceuticals Summer-beautifuljobs
Skin Health Skincare Skincare Regimen Ultraceuticals

Ultraceuticals Summer Must-Haves

Ultraceuticals Summer must-have is the perfect combination of premium skincare products with powerful ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin. The Ultra-Hydrating B2 Serum works by locking in moisture to hydrate the skin while the Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex is formulated with a powerful complex of antioxidants (including Silymarin (Milk Thistle), Vitamin C derivative, …

Acne Awareness Month Real Visible Results Skin Health Skin Journey Ultraceuticals

Ultraceuticals – ‘Ultra Clear Range’ for Acne Awareness Month

REAL VISIBLE RESULTS IN 90 DAYS – RVR90 Acne or skin congestion is one of the most common skin concerns treated by skin therapists, affecting most people at some stage of their life. June is Acne Awareness Month and the science behind Ultraceuticals skincare is aimed to offer some hope to other skin sufferers because …