Future Form Open

Get ready to up your nail game with the brand-new CND™ Future Form, a state-of-the-art nail sculpting form designed by Nail Professionals, for Nail Professionals. CND™’s expert team of Educators, including Shelena Robinson, Mette Steenberg, Lynn Cote and Tan Nguyen, developed the unique design to better cater to the needs of today’s Nail Pros. 

“The industry is seeing a resurgence of nail enhancements, and sculpting additional length is one of the fastest and most precise ways to achieve your client’s enhancement goals,” Robinson says. “However, for a lot of Nail Pros, sculpting and learning how to sculpt with a form seems to take a lot of time and practice,” adds Steenberg. “Now with the CND™ Future Form, learning how to sculpt and achieving sleek, beautiful nails has never been easier!”

Featuring an intuitive design and modernized material, the CND™ Future Form is easy to apply for Nail Pros of all levels. The sturdy, foil-like material makes for a flexible mold, while the grid and guidelines help provide a customizable fit. Created to optimize the use of CND™ PLEXIGEL, CND™ Future Form is also compatible with CND™ BRISA™ Gel System and CND™ Retention+™ Liquid & Powder System.

“The material we chose for the CND™ Future Form is unlike any other on the market—it has the moldability of aluminum built into an easily customizable paper-vinyl hybrid. Meanwhile, the strong adhesive helps to hold the form perfectly in place, creating a sturdy sculpting platform for all enhancement products,” says Robinson. “It is intuitive enough to invite new users to try sculpting, yet artistically precise for even the most experienced industry professionals.”

Features and Benefits

  • Designed by Nail Pros, for Nail Pros
  • Sturdy and moldable material
  • Easy and intuitive design suitable for all levels of Nail Professionals
  • Grid and guidelines for customizable fit
  • Reinforced adhesive tabs
  • Made in the U.S. from U.S. materials
  • Compatible with CND™ PLEXIGEL, BRISA™ Gel System and CND™ Retention+™ Liquid & Powder System