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CND™ introduces SHELLAC™ Wear Extender Base Coat – a new product within the SHELLAC™family formulated to extend the wear of gel polish while improving nail appearance. Designed for easy, full coverage application, the new CND™ SHELLAC™ Wear Extender BaseCoat extends colour wear up to 3 weeks* and smooths imperfections and ridges without compromising nail health. 

CND Shellac-beautifuljobs

CND™ SHELLAC Wear Extender Base Coat is designed to be used with category-leading CND™ SHELLAC™ system, including CND™ SHELLAC™ Colour Coat and CND™ SHELLAC™ Top Coat, and CND™ LED Lamp.


  • Extends the wear of gel polish for up to 3-week wear
  • Improves nail appearance
  • Creates even nail surface by smoothing imperfections and ridges
  • Features curve-hugging brush with over 200 bristles that adapt to the nail
  • Effortless application for smooth, even, full coverage on each nail
  • Removes in 8-10 minutes
  • No nail damage upon removal

TRADE PRICE: £13.95/€15.45 (7.3ml) or £20.95/€23.95 (12.5ml)



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