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Quarantine has made us rethink not only our skincare but our lifestyles. Makeup can help give you a temporary glow, but nothing can really replace the beauty of naturally glowing skin. As the age-old expression goes, “Beauty comes from within”, and from a scientific perspective, it does!

Exfoliating regularly, a simple daily skin care routine, and leading a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

When it comes to skincare, less is more.  A simple, regular skincare routine avoiding too many products and layering is key. Too many actives can irritate your skin and even cancel out each other’s benefit.

A basic routine including only three steps is more than enough:

  • Gentle exfoliation and cleansing (used at most twice daily), reduces the build-up of dead cells and doesn’t irritate your skin.
  • Toning to help provide anti-oxidants and promote cell turnover
  • Hydration using a nourishing moisturizer that helps soothe irritated skin and potentially an oil that locks in the moisture and helps control oiliness.

And find products that support the microbiome – the last thing you want to do is strip your microbiome as then your skin will become red and irritated. 

The Codex Bia Hydration line is ideal for the exfoliation and moisturization functions as it is MyMicrobiome certified and is designed to maximize hydration.  Specifically, the exfoliating wash(€50) does not strip the skin of moisture but gently removes dead cells. 

The Bia Skin Superfood(€55) has been scientifically proven in efficacy trials to moisturize, soothe and protect the skin with the patented Biacomplex.

The Bia Facial Oil(€100) locks in moisture to increase it up to +168% while controlling sebum production. 

About Codex Beauty

Codex Beauty is a collective of global skin care lines built on science, natural ingredients, plant-based preservatives, pharmaceutical-grade processes, safety and efficacy trials, sustainability, and consumer transparency. Its offering is entirely organic, free of harmful chemical compounds, and rigorously tested according to biotechnology practices.

Codex Beauty is available online at, and as well as instore at Meadows and Byrne, Boots, McCauley Chemists, Cara Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacy, The Clean Beauty Edit, Kilkenny Stores, Selfridges, O’Sullivan’s Pharmacies and Dublin Airport.