P20, a leader in advanced sunscreen technology, is proud to unveil its two newest additions to the skincare space: Riemann P20 Urban Shield and Riemann P20 Hyperpigmentation Defence. These groundbreaking formulas offer unparalleled protection and skincare benefits, setting a new standard in facial sunscreens. 

RIEMANN P20 URBAN SHIELD FACE CREAM SPF50+ (RRP €30): Daily Protection Against UV Rays and Pollution

The all-new Riemann P20 Urban Shield is designed to safeguard the delicate skin of the face and neck against the harmful effects of UV-induced damage and premature ageing. This advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen goes beyond traditional SPF protection by forming an additional barrier against pollution, shielding the skin from smog and dust particles.

Featuring a blend of powerful antioxidants, Riemann P20 Urban Shield combats free radicals that can lead to collagen breakdown and premature ageing. Its fast-absorbing formula is safe for use around the eyes, non-comedogenic, and ideal for wearing under makeup. With Triple Protection Technology, it offers up to 10 hours of sun protection, doubling the EU’s required UVA protection, and boasting excellent water resistance.

Clinical tests have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing cell damage caused by heavy metals and offering significant protection against oxidation triggered by cigarette smoke and outdoor dust. Moreover, it has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, and certified vegan.

RIEMANN P20 HYPERPIGMENTATION DEFENCE FACE CREAM SPF50+ (RRP €30): Targeted Protection Against Sun-Induced Discoloration

Say goodbye to sun-induced hyperpigmentation with Riemann P20 Hyperpigmentation Defence. This innovative formula is clinically proven to prevent and reduce existing hyperpigmentation on the face and neck, promoting a more even and radiant complexion.

Utilising the same Triple Protection Technology found in Urban Shield, Hyperpigmentation Defence provides up to 10 hours of sun protection, tripling the EU’s required UVA protection, and offering superior water resistance. Its fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic formula is safe for use around the eyes and suitable for application under makeup.

Clinical studies have highlighted its remarkable efficacy in reducing dark spots and improving overall skin tone and texture. Users reported a significant reduction in the visibility of dark spots and an improvement in skin evenness after just 8 weeks of daily use. Like Urban Shield, Hyperpigmentation Defence is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, and vegan.

Both products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and effective for daily use. Volunteers experienced no eye irritation or sensitivity, and the formulas are certified non-comedogenic.

P20 is available in leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide, including Dunnes Stores, Cloud10 Beauty, Millies.ie, Meaghers Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, and Lloyds Pharmacy.

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