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Your chubby little ceramide barrier balm to help replenish your skin’s essential fats, vitamins, and goodness. A good moisturiser is essential in every bathroom cabinet and should be a part of any good skincare regime, don’t you agree? Your skin is the body’s largest organ and a super-efficient one at that. It is your body’s shield – think of it as your own protective raincoat and without it, you’d be a bit structureless. Us hoomans like structure.


Skin Good Fats is a small but mighty moisturiser designed to be added on to the Skingredients Core 4 to target dryness, dehydration and skin irritation. With ceramide NP, antioxidants and other good fats, Skin Good Fats gives your skin the comfort and balanced glow it really deserves.

“Ceramides and other lipids help to make up the stratum corneum, our skin’s protective barrier, which allow it to protect itself against irritants and maintain its moisture levels. Having these ingredients within Skin Good Fats means that you can give your skin what it recognises.” – Jennifer Rock, CEO & founder Skin Good Fats (€42.00, 30ml) Skin Good Fats works to hydrate, soothe and protect dry, irritated, sensitised, flaky or sensitive skin prone to redness, and contains a clinically proven anti-itch ingredient. On top of this, it features antioxidants vitamin B3 and vitamin E to help protect your skin from environmental damage. Skin Good Fats is also perfect for those who crave the feeling of a moisturiser after their lightweight hydrators.

Nerdie tip: use AM + PM, and bring it up around the eye area as your eye cream.

How to use Skin Good Fats: Use PM after the skin is cleansed and serumed. Skin Good Fats can be used in the AM for extra skin balance and moisture. It is also great for irritation post-peel, and on dry and cracked elbows and heels.

“No moisturiser was working until I tried yours! I can’t believe the difference even after only a week!” – Rachel

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