Guinot Masque Essentiel Nutri Confort RRP €45

Instant nutritive mask with essential oils. Helps to reveal the skin’s radiance, nourish and instantly restore comfort to the skin. Provides a feeling of relaxation due to the scent of essential oils.

How to use:

Twice a week, apply a thin layer. Leave on 10 minutes. Remove with a damp face cloth, finish by using a toner

Guinot Gommage Biologic RRP €48

Natural exfoliator with gentle fruit, giving the effectiveness of a ‘peeling’ in a gentle wash. The skin is soft and smooth, and the skin’s texture is more refined. The overall skin complexion is radiant.

How to use:

Use once or twice a week. Massage in until it changes to oil.

Guinot Crème Youth Perfect Finish RRP €69

Youth Complexion Cream SPF 50. Immediately following application, the complexion appears radiant and more youthful. When used daily, the cream restores youthfulness and firmness, evens skin tone and minimises dark spots. The skin is protected from photoageing

How to use:

Apply in the morning to the entire face using light massage to ensure even skin tone.

Guinot Crème Longue Vie Yeux RRP €69

Lifting cream for youthful eyes that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Smoothes and refreshes the eyelids and rejuvenates the eye contour.

How to use:

Use morning and/or evening.

Guinot Crème Longue Vie RRP € 149

Regenerating care cream. Rejuvenates the appearance of the complexion and revitalises the skin. Restores a healthy looking complexion.

How to use:

Use morning and evening on the entire face.

Guinot Concentrate Life Influx RRP €251

Anti-Ageing innovation from Neuroscience, discover Life Influx, the new skin regeneration technology by Guinot. Our research laboratories have discovered the link between nerve fibres and skin cells: Life Influx Concentrate thus recreates the cutaneous innervation of younger skin.

Guinot Crème Hydra Summum 50ML RRP €119

Perfect Moisturising Cream to ensure overall hydration. Leaves the skin soft, supple, resilient and radiant and restores a beautiful, more youthful appearance.

How to use: 

Apply daily morning and/or evening to the face after cleansing thoroughly.