Physical Sunscreen for All

NEW! Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30

100% blendable. 100% physical. Invisible on all skin tones.

Say goodbye to the thick, white residue that physical sunscreens leave behind. Introducing Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30, a weightless, all-physical sunscreen that blends easily on all skin tones, helps defend against UVA/UVB and blue light, and soothes all skin types, including sensitive. This crowd-pleasing formula has it all:

Ultra-sheer Zinc Oxidefor Broad Spectrum/blue light protection.

Bioactive Mushroom Complex, which helps soothe skin and reduce UV-induced redness and dryness.

Antioxidant Green Teato help fight free-radical skin damage.

No chemical sunscreens, artificial colors and fragrances.

Certified cruelty-free, gluten-free and veganto fit more lifestyles.

Finally, people of all skin tones and types can love a physical sunscreen – and wear it every day for critical defense.

Let’s get physical.

Do you know the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen? Get the facts from Dermalogica skin therapists, along with your personalized sunscreen picks, powered by Artificial Intelligence.  Visit Invisible Physical.


Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30 (€59.00). Find it at authorised Dermalogica salons and skin centers and at on March 5, 2020.

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