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Liz McKeon’s powerful words and insightful lessons have helped thousands of business owners to create meaningful change in their lives.

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As a salon owner, it is mission critical for your success, peace of mind and all round quality of life to allocate time to work ON your business, not just in it. While this sounds simple, it isn’t always easy to achieve, as there are so many on-going day to day activities which consume your time and energy. Meanwhile, your business goals and dreams are in danger of slipping away. And, that’s where I come in! Please make joining me for about 15 minutes per day, for the next 14 days your number 1 priority: see it as your route to salon success!

For best results, I suggest a notebook and pen at the ready, so you end each episode with your ‘to do’ list. If possible, stick to one episode per day and do what’s on your ‘to do’ list!

Download episode 1 here! How to successfully start, run, and manage a salon.