A new generation anti-ageing cream to replenish skin and boost radiance

I feel good about myself, but I’ve lost that radiant glow and my skin needs replenishing…».  This feeling, experienced by many women, led Clarins to create their new radiance-boosting, beauty-enhancing skin care: Rose Radiance Cream.

In its expert formula, Clarins Laboratories have combined the most effective instant  radiance-boosters with the best replenishing key ingredients. What makes it really irresistible? Its pink colour! A bold shade that reminds us that you can feel young, vibrant and radiant…  at any age.



More light: the three dimensions of radiance

What is radiance in mature skin? It’s an undeniable yet subtle glow. With this in mind, Clarins created Rose Radiance Cream. Three expert ingredients combine their radiance-boosting properties to deliver a smooth skin texture, luminous complexion and an even skin tone.


A smooth skin texture: the gentle biological exfoliation of hibiscus flower acids Very gentle hibiscus sabdariffa flower acids encourage the quick and delicate removal of dead skin cells, to boost complexion radiance, encourage skin renewal and preserve a tighter skin texture. The smoother and more supple the skin, the more even it is and the more it reflects the light.


Hibiscus sabdariffa: the radiance-boosting plant Famed for its beauty, the hibiscus sabdariffa flower hides a real treasure: flower acids, such as those used in Rose Radiance Cream, which offer a guaranteed content of exfoliating pyruvic acid. Incorporated in a skin care and applied to the skin, they prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells which can dull the skin and make it rough. Their plus? Gentle exfoliation. By protecting the epidermis, they do not cause dehydration or irritation.

A luminous complexion: the effects of illuminating pearls Four different pearls selected by Clarins Laboratories each reflect a specific shade: together, the 4 shades reflect white light, the universal colour of luminosity and radiance which adapts to all skin tones. The Clarins Plus: around 140 trials were carried out to evaluate the ideal colour ratio for each type of pearl in order to reflect a perfectly white light.

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   Available at Clarins stockists nationwide from the end of May 2019 – RRP: €91