We are slowly approaching the date allocated for our industry to reopen. Do you have the proper documents and protocols in place for employees returning to work?

To help our industry reopen, Nikki, FutureBeauty’s legal eagle, has compiled a suite of useful FREE documents*, which are FREE to download and edit to make them relevant to your operation.

Documents include:
 Patient Appointment Protocol; Patient Consent Form and Disclaimer/Waiver
Employee Return to Work Consent; Staff Training Protocol; Staff Testing Protocol
Covid-19 Infection Control Protocol; Social Distancing Protocol; PPE and Handwashing Protocol

Future Beauty Reopen-beautifuljobs

Please email nikki@futurebeautyshow.com to download the forms.

Please note: These documents are not intended to be legal advice, nor a comprehensive or detailed statement of the law, nor should they be relied upon as such. They are provided to be used as a guideline only and no liability is taken, howsoever arising, for the reliance or use of these documents.

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