AZZARO Wanted Girl – the new female fragrance from AZZARO.  A floral, oriental gourmand with an explosion of fresh acidic pomegranate and ginger flower. Heady and intoxicating, this vibrant fragrance was developed by a quartet of expert perfumers, Fanny Bal, Jean-Christophe Hérault, Loc Dong and Dominique Ropion. 

In 2016, Azzaro entered into a new era with Azzaro Wanted. More than a fragrance, it’s a motto. Creating your own luck and attempting the impossible to “play, shine, and succeed,” like Loris Azzaro, the iconic, sunny, hedonistic creator.

In the image of the designer to the stars who burned the candle at both ends, Azzaro Wanted embodies an attitude: elegance at all times and flamboyance as a lifestyle. To be Wanted is to arouse desire and envy around oneself.

But now with his radiant charm, our hero has found his accomplice.

Azzaro presents WANTED Girl.

A palace. Overwhelmed agents. Overexcited fans. The sun at its brightest, a perfect blue sky. Him, a magnetic rebel with animal-like agility. Her, an intensely radiant player who cannot be tamed. Together, they take in the light. But, they don’t really want to share…

Filmed at the Grand Hôtel de Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the WANTED Girl campaign features Georgia Fowler – the top model who embodies the Most Wanted Girl in the world – and Nikolai Danielsen, the Most Wanted Man. They go head to head in full complicity, taking on tongue-in-cheek challenges.

A fiery beauty, Wanted Girl mischievously moves towards her horde of loyal fans and crosses paths with the ever impeccable Wanted Man. With a single look, they make a secret pact to escape. With a smile, the challenge is on. They try their luck—they flip a coin.

But, this race quickly becomes an unrelenting competition between the two. With the palace as the game’s setting and the Mediterranean as the scenery, this bond, tinged with challenges, leads them into an incredible adventure to determine who will be The Most Wanted… The coin lands. Him or Her?

When you think about it, what does it mean to be Wanted? It’s permanent excitement, unparalleled elegance, a radiant appearance, and a perfect comeback. You know you’re Wanted when you arouse desire and envy.

But the Wanted man hadn’t planned to give up his title anytime soon.

For its new communication, Azzaro plays with the extras from its WANTED Girl film in a digital campaign worthy of a competition: #TheMostWanted.

IG post battles, trolley races, swan dives into the pool, sabotaged pop quizzes, delirious fans: taking turns, Georgia and Nikolai engage in a brash and knowing battle to defend their “Wanted” title. Who will win? Stay tuned for more…

Azzaro Wanted Girl – Available at pharmacies nationwide

RRP:  30ml EDP €52. 50ml EDP €75