Career chat with straight talking, super confident skin professional Kate Jackson & yes she might ruffle a few feathers but we adore this gals passion!

This week BeautifulJobs got chatting to the Award-winning skin therapist, “Cavan Skin Fairy”, Kate Jackson, proprietor of  Seclusion Skin Clinic in Cavan. She talks to us about her 25 year journey in the  Beauty Industry and life in her dream job. 

1. How did you move from a beauty therapist to working solely as a skin therapist/ facialist.  

 Nearly 25 years ago after qualifying as a beauty therapist, I was working on Carnival Cruise Lines as a Steiner and I fell in love with the epidermis and all things SKIN.  Onboard, I got to work with different nationalities and on all fitzpatrick scales types 1 to 6. I did train in all aspects of beauty but the love of skin “got under my skin”. Over the last 20 years,  I have trained in courses around Ireland, Spain, Miami, New York, Paris and London. Looking back on the years I can safely say ‘’I’m addicted to training and up-skilling and never tire of learning’  

2. What is the best advice or number 1 skincare product you would recommend to everyone? 

Your SPF should be your BFF. Up to 80% of the damage on our skin may be caused by not using a full spectrum physical UVA/UVB daily. The Alumier MD moisture Matte in Sand is my personal favourite.  I’m a Brand Ambassador for Alumier MD and won’t sell or recommend anything that doesn’t work or that I personally wouldn’t use on my own skin. The Alumier MD encapsulated retinol and C  & E everactive serum are game changers for anti ageing,  hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines etc. .The list of benefits are endless…

3. What do you love most about your work? 

Honestly,  I get so excited when I see huge changes in my client’s skin after establishing a working home care routine when following a recommended home care prescription. There is a massive difference in getting a product over the counter of a sales person and someone who has a genuine interest in your skin and knows your medical background. It’s a journey instead of a one of sale. I’m very straight talking and always tell my clients it’s a skin journey and if they aren’t using a medical grade cleanser and SPF by the 2nd visit, then there won’t be a third! Fancy department stores, fancy packages and smells don’t change skin cells!!!

4. Who has most helped you to establish your career and goals? 

My husband. He is extremely hard working, determined and won’t let me second guess myself or question my work decisions.  My mother has been so good to me helping me with my kids with after school dinner’s and homework whilst trying to juggle work. Also, in the last 4 years, the Alumier MD team, my trainer Gillian and my Irish Manager Sinead Linnane are always by my side. They are in the top 3 on my what’s apps messages and voice memos tormenting them with questions,  Even at the weekends!

5. Is there anything you would like to change about the Beauty Industry?

Yes…I will probably ruffle a few feathers but my major pet peeve is “bloggers ” giving recommendations to followers on skincare when they have no knowledge or understanding on the stratum corneum,  hydrolipid barrier, supporting the skin function or medical grade ingredients. 

I also think regulations on micro-needling, advanced treatments etc. should be enforced in Ireland with a minimum number of years experience required before working on clients and carrying out these procedures. 

6. What changes have you had to make in the last 12 months to adapt your business to the current pandemic?

I miss my clients so much, so I have literally moved my business online. This pandemic has catapulted my business into the future with Instagram Live nights, online skin consultations,  Alumier Online prescriptions,  zoom online facial nights and what’s app video calls. I’ll admit, itt was extremely daunting 12 months ago, but I’m really enjoying it now and it’s a great way of touching bass with my existing clients and engaging with new clientele. Before Covid 19, the majority of my clients where Cavan based, now they are all around the country and my business has multiplied!! 

7. Going forward, how do you intend keeping your business current?  

Looking to the future, I think online skin consultations and zoom online calls will be the way forward. The before and afters of skin pictures from my clinic over the last 12 months are those from clients working on their skin at home. Yes, In-salon treatments are amazing, however up until 12 months ago, some clients may not have believed these results were possible, or possibly thought skin therapists were on the hard sale!!  Clients can now see its 80% of how we treat our skin at home and 20% in clinic treatments. 

You can hear more about Kate below.

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