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BiaComplex Codex Beauty PreservX

Codex Beauty Announces U.S. Patents for BiaComplex and PreservX

Codex Beauty has announced the issuance of the first two patents in its intellectual property portfolio.  The first patent (U.S. No. 10,682,306) relates to providing organic, ECOCERT®-approved compositions capable of soothing, calming, nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating skin. BiaComplexÔ is comprised of a mixture of macerated oil infusions of Calendula officinalis, Helichrysumitalicum, and Symphytum officinale, that …

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Barbara Paldus Clean Beauty Codex Beauty Environmental Working Group Erica Reid EWG Healthy Lifestyle

Barbara Paldus, Founder of Codex Beauty Joins EWG Board Of Directors

WASHINGTON – Erica Reid and Barbara Paldus, two leading entrepreneurs and innovators from the healthy lifestyle and clean beauty sectors, have joined EWG’s board of directors. Barbara Paldus holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University. For more than two decades, she has led innovation in the fields of spectroscopy, telecommunications and biotechnology. By …