Great Lengths, the world leader in premium hair extensions is excited to launch the latest innovation in the range with two new colour blends – GL Tapes Piano and GL Pre-Bonded Two Tones.  

Great Lengths believe hair extensions are all about transformation, allowing you to experiment with length, volume and colour to create your hair of dreams, embracing HAIR LIKE YOU!  

New for 2021, Great Lengths is proud to introduce two new lines of extensions to revolutionise colour transformations: GL Tapes Piano and GL Pre-Bonded Two Tones.  

Created specifically to enhance colour with a beautifully natural finish and leaving hair looking vibrant, with truly dimensional results that reflect the multi-faceted colour of natural hair.  


Enhance your colour with NEW Great Lengths-beautifuljobs

Inspired by the contrasting light and dark keys of a piano, GL Tapes Piano extensions add dimensional colour results across nine shades. Available in three lengths (30cm, 40cm and 50cm), GL Tapes Piano are suitable for all hair types and are particularly suited to fine hair. 

GL Tapes Piano can be applied by Great Lengths Certified Stylists and can be repositioned up to three times with each application lasting between six and eight weeks. 


Enhance your colour with NEW Great Lengths-beautifuljobs

GL Pre-Bonded Two Tones are the latest addition to the popular Pre-Bond range, providing another solution to colour transformations. Available in nine shades, each strand features a blend of two colours. This creates ‘reversible’ stands, with a darker colour on top and lighter one beneath. The result? Enhanced colour, with a truly natural effect.  

GL Pre-Bonded Two Tones are available in three lengths (30cm, 40cm and 50 cm), and are suitable for all hair types. Applied by Great Lengths Certified Stylists, the invisible application can last up to 5 months with care and maintenance. 

Tradition, quality and Italian production are the main pillars to the Great Lengths’ corporate philosophy. Those who rely on Great Lengths can be sure to draw on excellence in full compliance with the strictest ethical standards. 

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