Dark spots and pigmentation can easily age the skin. No matter what the discolouration looks like on the surface of the skin, it’s all caused by the same factor: overproduction of melanin, the dark pigment within the skin. Add in sun exposure, inflammation, and hormonal fluctuations to the mix, and you have the ultimate recipe for unwanted discolouration.

Michelle Ryan, Brand Manager for Hush & Hush, explains, ‘Brighten+ is designed to lighten the skin and protect from further damage caused by UV light and contains a brightening complex of vitamin c, melon and grape seed extracts to boost the skin from within. Taking this supplement can protect your skin from further pigment forming. I recommend using in conjunction with facial treatments for an enhanced, glowing result.’

Hush & Hush Clean, Clinical Vitamins for Brighter, Clearer and Evenly toned Skin- BeautifulJobs

For radiant, more evenly toned skin, Hush & Hush developed SkinCapsule BRIGHTEN+, an all-natural supplement, which relies on clean, clinical, plant-based ingredients, working to lessen the appearance of unwanted signs of discolouration, sunspots, redness, and uneven skin tone. A blend of scientifically sound and proven brightening agents, including vitamin C, along with patented ingredients like Amlamax, Lutemax, Saberry and SkinAx2, work deep within the skin to create brighter, more illuminated, healthier-looking skin.

Hush & Hush is a problem and solution-based line of luxury beauty and wellness products with each product targeting a specific beauty-related concern to limit the signs of ageing from a 360° approach. The award-winning brand was created by power couple Dr Marc Ronert and Janna Ronert behind IMAGE Skincare


  • Take 2 capsules daily

Pricing information €59.50

Hush & Hush Clean, Clinical Vitamins for Brighter, Clearer and Evenly toned Skin= BeautifulJobs

Hush & Hush Skin Capsule Brighten+ is out now in selected clinics and salons around Ireland. A full list of Hush & Hush stockists can be found here: https://hushandhush.ie/stores/