Smile Power Day – June 15th is the perfect excuse to shine your pearly whites. You’ve probably heard that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. But, somehow, over the years, most people seemed to have forgotten this.

There really is no downside to smiling—not in the way it looks, nor in the results it brings. You may wonder why the word "power" is associated with today? Because smiling has the almighty power to turn someone’s day around, and encourage them to smile too. iWhite promote smiling by the introduction of easy to use, home based whitening products that are both safe and effective.Dark Stains €29.99

That they are valued and worth the smile that you just gave them.  Smiles are moral boosters and confidence builders and research has proven that smiling really does increase attractiveness and likeability between humans. Smiling (even if you do not feel like it) will lift your mood and can make you a happier person. If you do one thing today, let it be this and you can not only change your day around but also somebody else’s’. There are countless other benefits to smiling, it can reduce our blood pressure, heart rate, pain, and stress.


It can increase endurance, strengthen our immune system, and even help keep the cells in our body healthy. Smiling can boost our productivity and make us more creative, and make us seem more courteous, competent, likeable, and trustworthy.

So, with that being said – show everyone your beaming whites today!