Kate O’ Brien shares her second in a series of “Lessons from Lockdown” to our exclusive BelleVIVE community. Kate is a Dietitian, Spa & Skincare Specialist, and Author and this week she introduces Fiona Arrigo.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend time with some of the world’s top healers, therapists and wisdom keepers. Their profound wisdom is coming to the fore now and I hope some of it resonates. Here, Fiona Arrigo shares her thoughts and advice to keep us healthy and sane during these uncertain times.

Fiona is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive healer, biodynamic psychotherapist, mentor and founder of the award-winning Arrigo Programme (read an earlier interview here). Drawing on her studies of ancient philosophies and teachings, as well her experience as a Biodynamic Medicine® Practitioner, she excels in examining the narratives of our lives and helping people find their own path to happiness, a journey that is ever more poignant now.

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“As lockdown unfolded, I began to feel humbled, deeply humbled, and full of self reflection,” Arrigo confesses. She believes that now is the time to dedicate our lives to something greater than our own personal benefit, as becoming more heart centered is essential for hope for the future. “Mother Earth has put us into our rooms like naughty children to think about our actions,” she adds wryly. “But in our rooms we can build hope. We are in a great global pause – a breath where we are learning to rest, reset and plant the seeds of our hopes and dreams. We are the dreamers of the new and the more we rest, the more we dream and at some point these prayers and visions will undoubtedly create a new world. Midst this terror, there is great magnificence, so let’s dare to dream, dare to hope and come together in our collective wisdom.”

Global Reset

She feels that the lockdown offers us a chance to evolve and to do things better, so let’s not waste this incredible opportunity. We haven’t been educated to walk peacefully on the earth, as indigenous folk have always done, but that primal energy of peace is within us all. “This global reset is unprecedented and the real beauty is that we are all in this together and now that the scaffolding of the outer world is crumbling, we are interconnected more than ever before. In the words of Ram Dass, ‘we are all just walking each other home.’ We are learning to walk lighter on the earth and as we do, we move into a way of being that is kinder.”

As the planet is sowing the seeds for our new collective humanity, nervous energy, anxiety and lethargy are to be expected. “But all is well,” she reminds us. “We are the custodians of the earth, we need to reclaim our worthiness and walk each other home.”

Tips for living your best life during lockdown

  • Stop for a few minutes, a few times every day to rest, breathe, and reflect.
  • Breathe consciously to draw more energy into the body and create more internal space.
  • Stop fighting. Surrender to our circumstances. This is a long process of reset and we have to give ourselves time and space.
  • Listen to sounds: Birdsong is ever clearer now, bring music into your life.
  • Work with what inspires you to feel alive
  • Practice Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing system designed to free us from toxic energy and open us to this new lighter, softer way. Simply repeat the following words, ideally first thing each morning:

‘I’m sorry – Please forgive me – I love you – Thank you.’

Fiona is currently offering free weekly Sunday Sanctuary workshops. Further information here

For more information visit kateobrienwellness @kateobrienwellness

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