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Your 2% salicylic acid treatment cleanser, spot-zapper + micro-mask

The basis of a good skincare routine should be simple, yet fruitful. Think of a gym routine. There’s no point in doing lots and lots of different workout steps if you’re not actually engaging your core. Our gal Sally is here to help. Not only does she remove debris and dead skin cells from your skin, but she also prepares your skin for its next steps: your serums, moisturisers, masques and night creams. As part of our Mix + Match range, Sally Cleanse is designed to be used with the Skingredients Core 4 to help target your specific skin concerns.

Skingredients Sally Cleanse-beautifuljobs

Skingredients Sally Cleanse is your salicylic acid treatment cleanser for oily and spot-prone skin, created to be used for powerful exfoliation once every three nights.

“Salicylic acid is, in my opinion, an integral ingredient when it comes to dealing with congestion. It’s a powerful ingredient that can be harnessed to be incredibly effective without irritation when used correctly, which is why we always provide education and information with Skingredients!” – Jennifer Rock, CEO & founder

Skingredients Sally Cleanse (€25.00, 100ml)   

Sally Cleanse is formulated with 2% salicylic acid, the highest amount of salicylic acid permitted for use in skincare in the EU. Sally’s rock star ingredient is salicylic acid, an oil-soluble exfoliating acid, which means that it can dissolve oil and dead skin cells in our pores to help prevent congestion such as blackheads, whiteheads, lumps and bumps while assisting in our skin’s natural exfoliation process and aiding in oil regulation.

Nerdie tip: ideal for bum spots, preventing ingrown hairsand tackling keratosis pilaris (KP, or “chicken skin”).

We recommend using Sally Cleanse once every 3 nights, PM only, as she is strong, and using nourishing PreProbiotic Cleanse from the Core 4 range in the AM and on other nights.

How to use as a cleanser

Remove your makeup with the Cleanse Off Mitt (plus PreProbiotic Cleanse for a super thorough job) and massage a coin-sized amount of Sally Cleanse into the skin in circular motions for 60 seconds, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly with the Cleanse Off Mitt or your hands.

How to use as a micro-mask

For those hoomans who are looking for a boost of exfoliation, Sally Cleanse can be used as a micro-mask by applying a thin layer after cleansing with Sally Cleanse and leaving it on the skin for 2 minutes before removing thoroughly.

How to use as a spot-zapper

You can also use it as a spot-zapper by applying it directly to the spot post-cleansing, leaving it on for 3 minutes, and then removing it thoroughly.

“I genuinely want to thank you because my skin has never been as healthy, even or hydrated as since I started using PrePro and Sally… I get so many comments about my skin and I’m finally confident enough to leave the house without makeup.” – Mairead

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Skingredients is available online, and pharmacies, department stores and selected salons. The Skin Nerd @skingredients