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DMK skincare company has made a promise to help you restore your skin to its peek condition so that you can face the world with your best face. I was recently given the opportunity to test this statement and find out if it really can deliver on such a lofty promise.

Upon arriving to Chleo Entreprises for my facial (Irelands distributor for the brand), I was greeted by Emma, the national trainer for the company. She tailored the experience to my individual skin needs by giving me a thorough consultation. She diagnosed my skin type and confirmed what I’d already suspected, I was quite dehydrated (I need to drink more water!) She then questioned my dietary norms and examined my eating habits. This immediately set her and this process apart from any other facial I’d ever had. The small details of our everyday lives really do play a big role in the condition of our skin, and it was very gratifying to know that I could do something to reverse some of my bad choices. Emma was wonderful, and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease.

After my consultation we moved on to a basic cleanse of the face and neck area with a Deep Pore Cleanser, preparing deep pore 205the skin in the best way for the rest of the treatment. We then used a Quick Peel- this exfoliating cleansing gel hydrolyzes dead cell build up and creates a pseudo heat to flush out toxins and dilate capillaries.

We finished off with the Enzyme Masque #1. Enzyme Masques are the pillar of all DMK treatments and enhance optimal skin function. The Enzyme mask uses cutting edge Enzyme Therapy which aims to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin by utilizing your bodies natural antioxidants to fight free radicals and negate their corrosive effect on the skin.

This process encourages your skin to repair itself, and promotes an environment where the cells can live longer and Enzyme 205remain healthier. While some facial treatments are surface level, at DMK their goal is to make your skin work for you to give you the freshest healthiest skin you can possibly have on a cellular level.

My experience with DMK, and in particular Emma was amazing. Afterwards my skin felt cleaner, clearer, firmer and instantly revitalised. I felt that they delivered a service that was out of the ordinary and malleable to any lifestyle. It felt personal and effective, which for any busy modern woman is exactly what we are looking for!

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