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We all love a good Spring clean after a long Winter of closed windows, blasted heating systems and woolly jumpers. Refreshing and renewing our surroundings can give us the boost we need to tackle the warmer months ahead.

Fiona O’Connor, haircare advisor at Irish beauty e-tailer Millies.ie said, “It’s important for us to take stock on our haircare routines once a year and what better timing than springtime, when we start seeing longer, brighter days. By tweaking our routines and trying something new this season, we can really see the benefit in the overall health, shine and strength of our hair.”

Fiona’s top tips for overhauling your haircare this Spring;

Time for a detox..

Unfortunately in Ireland we have many ‘hard water areas’ where the tap water is rich in natural minerals, metals and salt, and while it is safe to ingest these in our diets, they can wreak havoc on the condition of our hair, and severally distort the result of coloured hair. Hair that is frequently exposed to hard water can become, dull, brittle, broken and lifeless. Brunette hair colour with a mineral build-up may appear very dark or dense, while blonde hair will often retain a greenish hue.

A great way to combat this is to introduce a detoxifying antidote to your haircare routine. A simple addition is Joico K-Pac Clarifying Shampoo which you can use alternatingly with your regular haircare to remove mineral build-up.

Overhaul your haircare routine with Millies.ie-beautifuljobs

Millies Favourite – Joico K-Pac Clarifying Shampoo €19.90

Out with the Old

We all have products in the press that we bought ages ago, used a handful of times, and then watched them slowly meander their way to the back of the cupboard. Reacquaint yourself with them and be sure you are not doubling up with multiple products of the same kind. Gather any similar products together and before you make another step, check that they are still in date. If they are out of date, the product will either become ineffective, or even mutate where it has a negative effect on the hair and scalp. So, if a product has been open longer than you can recall, do not feel guilty for disposing of it. 

By streamlining your hair care you will remind yourself of old favourites that have been laying idle, and in any case make room for something new and exciting to try.

Vitamin E

Sunnier days tend to pull us from our winter haze, into the outdoors, to enjoy open air hobbies, sports, and alfresco dining, which is great for the mind and soul – However your hair might not thank you for it! By introducing Vitamin E into your hair routine at the time of the year and throughout the summer, it will help to protect your hair and colour from damaging UV rays, free radicles, and pollution. It is a wonderful antioxidant, which helps to maintain vibrant tones, repel environmental damage, and retain moisture. Kerastase Soleil Creme UV Sublime is a great addition to your daily routine. It helps to protect your hair from UV damage, tames frizz, retains moisture, and can be applied several times a day. Your hair will feel great, and you know what they say, prevention is better than cure.

Overhaul your haircare routine with Millies.ie-beautifuljobs

Millies Favourite – Kerastase Soleil Creme UV Sublime €28.10

Increase Hydration

Spring is a great time of the year to increase the moisture levels in your hair as it doesn’t take long for dehydration to occur, so it’s advised to beat distressed hair to the punch and start hydrating early in the year. Dry hair can easily become brittle or inflexible leading to dull or lacklustre hair. Hydrating remedies like Pureology Hydrate for medium to thick hair and Pureology Hydrate Sheer for fine hair are fantastic for adding moisture to the hair. These are intensely moisturising formulas that give your hair flexibility, shine, and manageability. Pureology will help deliver rich, luscious results and are sulphate free and vegan friendly.

Overhaul your haircare routine with Millies.ie-beautifuljobs

Millies Favourites – Pureology Hydrate €21.40 &  Pureology Hydrate Sheer €24.90

You could also introduce a treatment to quench thirsty hair and dehydrated lengths. Fine haired friends look towards Kerastase Nutritive Masquintence for Fine Hair which will bring softness, hydration, and strength to your hair.

Millies favourite Kerastase Nutritive Masquintence for Fine Hair €42.90

If you have thick or coarse hair Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask can bring you lush, hydrated, and enriched lengths and ends with improved flow and manageability. Healthy hair is beautiful hair and the more love you lavish upon your hair, the better the results can be, which can help lift your spirits and boost your confidence.

Millies Favourite Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask €32.75

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