Why Choose Perron Rigot?

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Only high-quality ingredients used, selected following intensive research.  Waxes used at low temperatures, suitable for all skin types, for all areas of body and face.

COMFORT & SIMPLICITY: Pleasure to use for therapists and comfortable for clients. Cirépil waxing protocol makes waxing easier and faster.

COST EFFECTIVENESS: Wax applied in thin layers; one application is enough for 100% efficiency. A small amount of wax covers a large surface.

The Perron Rigot waxing protocol is based on 3 Main Stepswhich go above and beyond a standard wax.This simple hair removal, 360° beauty treatment offers unparalleled smoothness, guaranteed comfort and optimum results.

Cirépil products are made in France, where it is the market leader. Cirépil is distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide and has its own branches in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.

Pre-waxing products are used to prepare the skin for waxing. Properly preparing the skin is crucial for exceptional wax results. These products are used to cleanse, protect and improve the wax’s ability to adhere to hairs.

Purifying blue lotion:

  • Enriched with «dragon’s blood», known for its cleansing and regenerative properties
  • Refreshing qualities thanks to the addition of menthol
  • Ideal for all areas and all skin types, including fragile skin

Pre & post depilatory Jasmin oil:

  • Hydrating formulation approved during clinical testing
  • Enriched with soothing cotton oil
  • Ideal for massages

Intimate 4 wipe:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Creates a feeling of freshness and well-being
  • Perfect for bikini waxes

Refreshing Gel:

  • Very fluid texture
  • Feeling of freshness and well-being
  • Soothes and refreshes the skin

Moisturizing Milk:

  • Luxurious and easy to apply, leaves no oily film
  • Soothing and moisturizing
  • Perfect for massages

Hair minimising serum:

  • Active ingredient-enhanced formulation
  • Effective anti-growth properties
  • Specially adapted for sensitive areas

Ingrown hairs body double scrub:

  • Dual chemical and mechanical exfoliative action
  • Used between waxes to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Ensures a clean and efficient wax

Ingrown hair serum:

  • Active ingredient-enhanced formulation
  • Reduces the number of ingrown hairs
  • Face and body

Depilatory strip disposable waxes, also known as cold or soft wax, is a second-generation wax. This wax is applied in very thin layers and does not dry. It is removed with strips. It is used for waxing large areas (legs, arms, chest, back, etc.) Available in a selection of cream & honey formulations.

Non strip depilatory disposable wax, also known as hard wax. It sets but remains flexible so that it can be removed without the aid of paper or fabric strips. Perron Rigot non strip depilatory disposable waxes are particularly well-adapted to waxing sensitive, delicate areas but can also be used for all areas of the face and body.Available in a selection of cream & honey formulations.

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