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Bring A Sense Of Summer To Your Hair Klorane New Launch Shampoo

Bring A Sense Of Summer To Your Hair With Klorane’s NEW 400ml range

French haircare brand and botanical expert, Klorane is excited to launch its NEW 400ml range of shampoos in three of its most iconic formulas: Mango, Camomile and Oat. The new XL bottles contain the same botanical ingredients, expertise and sustainable farming methods as before but will leave you reaching for the bottle for longer! Each …

Klorane Klorane’s Chamomile Range National Blonde Day May 31st

Embrace Your Inner Blonde With Klorane’s Chamomile Range On National Blonde Day May 31st

May 31st marks National Blonde Day, a day to celebrate and embrace the golden hair shade! Botanical French haircare brand Klorane first became known for its founding product- Shampoo with Chamomile which naturally enhances blonde and light-brown hair. For more than 50 years, Klorane’s Shampoo with Chamomile, has become the very symbol of the golden locks …