While skincare might not be the number one priority at the moment, it is true to say that never is there a better time to make sure you are looking after your skin. With the combination of high levels of stress and anxiety and an inclination to over indulging on food and alcohol, it is no wonder people are seeing an increase in breakouts and irritations on their skin.

Many of us are choosing to take this opportunity to go make up free and then making the mistake of not cleansing their skin at the end of the day because they feel they don’t need to. Truth is that particulate matter that falls on your skin throughout the day and can cause free radical damage to the proteins in your skin. The proteins that the free radicals attack are your collagen, the very thing you need to maintain a healthy, youthful skin. 

Here are a few simple steps to follow to ensure you are maintaining your skin throughout.

  1. Cleansing  your skin is the most basic but most essential step in your skincare routine. If you have not cleansed properly, the rest of your skincare will not penetrate properly. If your skin is inflamed with breakouts or irritations, rather than trying to strip the skin I suggest an anti-inflammatory cleanser that will help to calm the skin and avoid irritating it further.  The AlumierMD Sensi Calm Cleanser is perfect for this.
  2. Toning your skin is not a step that everyone needs, ask your skin therapist for advice on this one. We are still offering online consultations, if you need help with this one. The Environ Moisturising toner is a good place to start if you haven’t used one before as it is suitable for most skin types.
  3. When it comes to serums, these products can contain many magical ingredients that can have a profound effect on your skin. What is even better is that different serums can be used and layered on the skin to treat specific skin conditions. Regardless of your skin type or condition vitamin C is an active ingredient that we all need in our routine. AlumierMD Everactive C&E is one of the most active forms of vitamin c available on the market right now.
  4. Being indoors with central heating on can suck the moisture out of your skin, this can play havoc with your skin if you are already dry or sensitive. Key ingredients to look out for in your moisturiser are hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide. Skin that is dry will have a compromised skin barrier and therefore not function as well as it should. The AlumierMD Hydracalm moisturiser is perfect to help recuse a skin in need.
  5. We might not be spending too much time outdoors at the moment but we still need to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. The blue light that is emitted from our phone and computer screens can have an aging effect on the skin as well as UV light. My favourite is the AlumierMD Clear Shield SPF.