With so many decisions on how to safely reopen the workforce, things can often become overwhelming leading to confusion, anxiety and panic. Without the correct planning and communication with key people in your team, things can quite simply go very wrong! Similar to Health & Safety guidelines, implementing correct HR measures is not only vital to the success of your business but also to ensure your team’s moral and confidence remains high.

Aine, our HR Consultant has put together some questions to guide you along the way. If you need answers, BeautifulJobs are offering free 15 minute consultations & HR Health checks to those in the Beauty & Spa, Aesthetic and Hair sector. If you require answers to any of these questions please book in for your consultation by emailing

  • How can you plan your comeback?
  • What considerations do employers have to make before reopening?
  • What insurance concerns are there?
  • What financial help is there for businesses reopening?
  • Do your policies and procedures need to be updated for reopening? Do I need to create a new Employee Handbook?
  • How to revisit contracts of employments, how to change contract clauses, for example reduced hours?
  • Do job descriptions need to be changed in accordance with new work plans?
  • What measures should Employers put in place to ensure health and safety obligations are met?
  • What should be included in a risk assessment?
  • What should I do before I buy PPE?
  • How do I bring employees back? How do you decide who do you take back and not take back?
  • Should I issue PPE to employees? Do I need to provide training for employees on new cleaning procedures or the correct use of PPE?
  • As an employer, how do I ensure employees wear their PPE?
  • If there are employees that are considered more vulnerable, higher risk, for example, expectant mothers.  How should Employers’ approach this? ?
  • What if an Employee doesn’t want to return to work, due to caring responsibilities?
  • Can Employers take the temperature of employees who are coming to work?
  • Can I bring new temporary employees in to cover employees who cannot return to work due to being in a vulnerable category or due to caring responsibilities? 
  • How can I manage covering rosters when new temporary employees do not have each i.e.: skincare / specific training?
  • Will your treatment menu have to differ?
  • What information should be gathered from a client before coming on to the premises?
  • Should mature clients come at different times or is there different criteria around more mature clients?
  • Should waiting rooms be closed during the reopening?
  • Should changing rooms be opened?
  • Should a cancellation policy still apply?
  • Should cleaning records be kept?
  • Should salons extend their opening hours to suit rosters?

If you have queries or wish to book your free consultation please email