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In a hectic world full of responsibilities and stress, it’s important to set aside time to unwind and focus on yourself. Recently I had the opportunity to take some time out for myself and visit the new luxury clinic ‘Simplicité’ recently opened in Straffan Co. Kildare.

made for life pink 300x300Simplicité Wellbeing & Beauty clinic is a sanctuary for those passionate about feeling well, looking well and living well. They want to encourage every client to step away from the merry go round of life for a little personal time. They are a Sanctuary in the din of our modern existence, and they want to help you find a little peace. Simplicité is proud to use Made for life Organic products, and believe that a natural life with balance is a happier life.

I was greeted by Gillian, a Spa therapist with extensive experience in the Beauty and Spa industry. With extensive training and work experience in many 5-star spa resorts and hotels worldwide, Gillian is dedicated to making every client feel special and valued.

Gillian started with a breathing exercise, to relax the mind and body. She moved onto the first cleanse which incorporated facial massage, a skull stretch and ear massage. All removals are done with hot towels drenched in lavender and chamomile water. Lavender and Chamomile are both known for their calming properties. Gillian then performed the second cleanse, after doing a pressure point facial massage to open up the chakra points.

She then layered a daily radiance facial balm (combined with beeswax, chamomile, calendula, clary sage and clove) followed by Made for Life’s brightening facial exfoliator which is produced with chamomile extract, calendula, vanilla extract and coconut oil. All of the products used are 100% natural and holistic. The skin solve face mask was then applied and while this was working, I was offered a scalp massage using their almond, rosemary and sage hair oil. Hot scented towels were used to remove the mask, and a daily rejuvenating face oil was applied using a lifting and anti- ageing movement technique.  She then finished with a daily replenish and protect facial moisturiser as well as an intensive moisturising balm.

300x300 orangeThis wellbeing facial uses a combination of massage techniques from India (Ayurvedic) and Japan (Anma), it is natural uplifting and anti-ageing, preventing or reducing tension. The massage helps to improve circulation to the skin, and restores vibrancy.

After one hour of pure pampering and soaked with invigorating natural oils, I was offered a selection of refreshments (herbal tea, coffee, mint infused water or Prosecco) and healthy snacks. Not only where the staff extremely friendly with a soft warm approach to their customers but all guests are welcomed to stay with no rush to leave, to sit, relax and appreciate the fine modern design and positive atmosphere Simplicité offers.

If you feel like you need a break from the hustle and bustle of your life, or you want to find a natural sanctuary, BeautifulJobs can happily recommend Simplicité, Straffan to meet all your well-being and beauty needs.

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