A lot of Salon owners are coming to the realisation that posts that they put on their business Facebook page are not being seen by their followers. In fact, since Facebook made changes to their algorithms back at the start of this year, fewer than 1 in 10 of a typical Salon’s Facebook followers are seeing your posts.

Facebook posts from businesses no longer enjoy the prominence they previously had, meaning that Salons relying on Facebook for their online presence are less likely to be found by online visitors. Relying on Facebook to host your Salon’s details and show customers what you can offer is becoming less and less of an option.

Clients go online to research a Salon before they decide to book in. In general, they are looking for 5 things:

  1. Opening Hours
  2. Price List
  3. Staff Qualifications
  4. Reviews
  5. Book Online

If they are satisfied with the information they get on items 1 to 4, then they will proceed to number 5. While Facebook will provide some of this information, it does have its limitations. The bottom line is that a Salon that wants to be found, and wants to bring in new clients, needs to have a different online presence, and that means having a website.

Your website can prove to be the most valuable member of your salon team, but it needs to display all of the relevant content people need, must be eye-catching, and must produce informative and useful information via blogs, in order to show up in online searches.

The type of content you would have posted to Facebook can be used on your salon website blog to generate interest and engage with new and existing clients. For example:

Get creative and come up with topics that you, as a salon owner, can talk about and generate discussions on.

Use creative media such as live video, how-to posts, a series of events, or news bulletins related to your field.

Think of ways to actually make your viewers’ lives better, and that they will want to talk about.

The difference will be that your content will be present online for as long as you want it and won’t disappear down a newsfeed. If someone is looking online (and that is where practically everybody looks these days) for a great hair salon to cater for their bridal party, for example, or for non-locals on a short visit to your area, your content, on your website, will be there for them.

Yes, it can take time and money to create and run a website, but it is much more affordable than you think, especially if you consider a specialist salon website design company for the task, and it will give you a far greater return on investment than the time and money it takes to win the war of social media.

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